What is the gearbox and what is his role ?

The gearbox is an assembly of gears, which is used to transform the workforce and the transmission of rotation at different aggregate or vehicles. It is a component of the kinematic chain of transmission which allows a wider range of speeds and moments to the driving wheel. Mounts, usually, between the clutch and the longitudinal driveshaft. In motor vehicles manufactured after solution "everything in front of or "Everything at the rear" the longitudinal driveshaft disappears, in such a way that the gearbox is available between the clutch and the transmission in the center.

The gearbox in the framework of the system for the transmission of motor vehicles plays an important role multi: the boost the engine torque and to amend the scope of the speed of the drive wheels, more than that accorded to the limits of the engine speed,as well as granting the possibility of reverse and of a cut-off of the kinematic chain of the drive mechanism,for parking the vehicle for a long time with the engine running.

The gearbox carried out by different values for the gears at the transmission to be called speed transmission, the granting of the energy opportunities of the engine to the requirements of the energy of the vehicle in motion with the securing of dynamic performance, fuel consumption and pollution as well as the best.